It’s not just that Cecil and Carlos are apart for who knows how long

It’s not just that we don’t know if or when he’s going to come back

It’s not even just that Cecil had to find out some of the most heartbreaking news of his life after one of its most staggering,…



“That new scientist, we now know, is named Carlos. He called a town meeting. He has a square jaw and teeth like a military cemetery. His hair is perfect, and we all hate and despair and love that perfect hair in equal measure. Old Woman Josie brought corn muffins, which were decent, but lacked salt. She said the angels had taken her salt for a godly mission, and she hadn’t yet gotten around to buying more. Carlos told us that we are, by far, the most scientifically interesting community in the U.S. And he had come to study just what was going on around here! He grinned, and everything about him was perfect.

And I fell in love instantly.”

Oops, I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale and I already have a favorite…